The Mosaic Music Institute

Welcome to Mosaic Music Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

The Mosaic Music Institute is a provider of a unique variety of Music Therapy and Rehabilitation Services, utilizing the therapeutic qualities of music to assist individuals in reaching physical, psychological, neurological and emotional health & well being.

As in a Mosaic work of art, each client, clinician, and member of our clients' support system is a unique and integral component of our therapy process.

Provided at the Mosaic Music Institute, our Music Therapy, Neuro-Rehabilitation and Specialized Music Instruction services are conducted in an environment that is centered upon our clients’ strengths and needs.  Please utilize our site menu for information regarding therapy services and feel free to contact us at any time. 

Help us continue to fund the Mosaic Music Institute

All proceeds directly benefit Music Therapy Scholarships and ensure the provision of our Therapy Services for years to come.

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